Inflatable kayaks are the kayaks of the future. These top of the line inflatable kayaks are built to last. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee and up to a 5 year warranty because we truly believe these kayaks will last. These can be inflated in a matter of minutes to get you kayaking sooner than you think. They are also designed to have maximum performance in both rapids and flat-water situations. These are the best inflatable kayaks available on the market today:

Zoik Inflatables

"Zoic" is derived from a Greek word meaning "life", and used to designate change or evolution. We changed that up a an "oiK" but the premise remains the same. The ZOIK inflatable watercraft line is designed to provide innovative & travel friendly outdoor adventure equipment that is ever evolving with new design and technological advancements, ultimately, to provide you a reason to get out of the office, get outdoors and get a "life". Evolve, Seek Adventure and Live Life Big!